Can I choose my own PCA?

Being able to provide personalized care for a loved one is a blessing, but it is not without challenges.  It can prove to be a considerable financial strain on both the person being cared for and the person providing the care.  Becoming a PCA in Minnesota helps to solve this problem by providing much-needed compensation to individuals providing essential services to a family member.


In Minnesota, a Personal Care Assistant, or PCA, is employed by an agency that provides personal care assistance to elderly and disabled citizens. While some PCAs may be responsible for providing care for many people who are not relatives, programs in Minnesota make it possible for family members to become a PCA solely for the purpose of caring for a relative. Certain familial relationships are not eligible for PCA care. This includes parents and step-parents caring for underage children and paid legal guardians for adults and spouses.  Moreover, people who are themselves recipients of PCA services are not eligible to become caregivers.

Once employment with an agency is obtained, the PCA may provide a variety of assistance to their relative. This typically involves help with daily living tasks like bathing, dressing, eating, and mobility. Some PCAs take the recipient to doctor’s appointments and to run errands. They may provide mental stimulation and physical exercise. The tasks that the PCA performs largely are dictated by the needs of the recipient.

If your assessment demonstrates that you would benefit from PCA services, you can choose your own caregiver.  This allows you to be cared for by someone you already know, already trust, and who may already be providing you with unpaid caregiving.  According to the 2015 report “Caregiving in the U.S.,” an AARP and National Alliance for Caregiving study, nearly 40 million Americans in 2014 were providing unpaid care to people who are older, disabled, or otherwise in need of assistance."  

If you would like to hire a friend or family member to be your Personal Care Assistant, we are ready to assist you in the process.  

  1. Your chosen caregiver would need to contact CarePoint for an employment application or visit our website and click on Employment Resources  to download an application.

  2. Your chosen caregiver(s) would need to complete the Minnesota Department of Human Service's Individualized Personal Care Assistance Training.  Once completed, a training certificate will be generated and emailed to the caregiver which would need to be faxed or emailed to CarePoint. The training is free of charge and is available online 24/7.  

  3. Your chosen caregiver would need to pass a comprehensive background check that includes fingerprinting.  Once the background is completed and CarePoint is given approval to hire, your selected PCA can begin receiving compensation for providing care to you.   

  4. Your chosen caregiver would submit the hours worked to CarePoint and receive payment through our direct deposit payroll system.  



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